Anvi Dave



About Me

Dedication, Concentration and Hard Work


Worked as a lab technician in medical testing laboratory and have experience of more than 15 years. Operated, maintained and cleaned diagnostic eqipments and tested patient samples. After working for so many years have learned that being compassionate is more important rather than being knowledgeable while dealing with patients.


Some of my experiences include

Duties Undertaken

Sample  collection for PVL testing of SACEP pt’s & CD4 testing

Dispatch of CD4 reports & PVL reports

2nd & 4th Tuesday EID pt’s WBS collection

Maintain PVL reports file & register

Maintain CD4 reports file & register

Fill up test requisition form of SACEP pt’s

Alternate going to Mumbai for PVL sample transportation

Daily internal control testing

Calibration of FACS Caliber machine

EQAS sample testing quarterly in month

Calibration of pipette quarterly

Calibration of other instrument like bottle coller, centrifuge machine, hygro thermometer

Monthly cleaning of FACS caliber machine

Monthly cleaning of bottle coller refrigerator

Prepare CD4 monthly report

Maintain the stock of the CD4 kits and consumable items

Prepare due list for CD4 testing for all the art & pre art pt’s

Prepare monthly report of EID

Going to Mumbai for sample testing of EID pt’s

Report dispatch of EID pt

Maintain all registers of EID

Indent all laboratory requirements in every month

Maintain all registers & files according to NABL & audit (35 files & 28 registers)

Other center sample testing & send report through e-mail

Daily fill up temperature charts & humidity charts

Sending PVL reports through courier to DACEP (Surat)

Daily filling CD4 reports in pre art enrolment register of all new pre art pts & follow up pre art pts


Learning has no end...